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Open Web Browser - go to your router modem (Normally or similar to and log in.

Find WAN settings in the menu

Find MTU settings which should be between 1400 to 1500 and change it to 576

Find TCP MSS setting which should be set to 0 (default) and change it to 536

Save your settings and your modem should reboot or reset the broadband connection.

Run a speed test to see if it helped. Broadband speed test

More information on how to test and find the best MTU and MSS settings for you are HERE

The Reason

In simple terms broadband is like the Dartford crossing, off peek times you don’t get held up, at peek times you end up going so slow it feels like a car park.

I live in the countryside and our phone network runs on copper wires running along telegraph poles and the structure was never designed to carry that amount of data transfers.

What I am sharing with you is how to make the data packets smaller, this will make the drop rate decrease and your computer fire smaller, quicker data packets in between everyone else’s larger packets.

In your router is the main ISP connection setting and it will start with PPPoA settings. In that menu you will find the MTU and MSS setting.


My ADSL broadband has started running really slow lately and I seem to be waiting forever for movies to buffer.

It never used to be like that so I called by broadband provider who ask me to run speed tests.

In the morning I was getting approximately 4.2 Mbps download and 0.34 Mbps upload and by 6 PM I was getting as little as 0.02 Mbps download and 0.32 Mbps upload.

Well there is the clue, the upload speed does not change significantly which means that it is most likely to be the number of people downloading in the evening.

10 Years ago I wasn’t on the computer so much, my wife was not on her tablet and the kids were not on the their phones (Facebook, Twitter, Netflix).